Wednesday, December 9, 2009

strangers in a strange ballroom

Did you just find out that your conference presentation proposal received the good to go signal?

Let me be the first to extend kudos and hugs. And I would hug you, lovingly, in a way that feels, upon embrace, like I'm also presenting. Because I am.

And I am going to attend your session. And you will attend mine. We will compliment one another while our teachers will be at school, teaching the teach. They'll miss the conference.

So, when we're done hugging, we'll each go back to our schools. We'll hug our respective Technology Directors, and we'll whisper in their ears:
One teacher from each building will go to this conference every year. We talk about technology and integration and innovation and digital literacy and access and apps and taxonomy. It's worth the investment. You know it is. Now keep this hug going for ten more seconds.

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