Monday, September 21, 2009

hello faculty,

There is now a Twitter (stop laughing) feed on our district home page (why are you still laughing?).

Let's share good news via this wondrous service. To do so, email me any delectable tid-bits and I will add said updates to the Twitter (really? still?) stream (now you're just being immature).

Don't know what to Tweet? Here are some examples:
Good Tweet: Suzy Studentberg took 1st place in the District One Cross Country meet.

Bad Tweet: I ran over a squirrel. Twice.
Again, any good news that you would like 'tweeted', let me know.


Anne Van Meter said...

So, as a curious parent, what is the twitter-name, so I can follow w/o playing with the district homepage? Not that it isn't very pretty (I like it better than last year's version so far)

Ken Rodoff said...


I think the name captures our district's belief in capitalization and utter antipathy for the space key.

Anne Van Meter said...

And lo, it's appearing on the website today! Funny how that logo annoyed some of the parents. Nice that they have no other concerns, I guess.