Monday, August 10, 2009


I love emails that end with origin stories:
Sent from my iPhone
Very satisfying, but this one's just as good:
Sent via my BlackBerry
No iPhone for me. No BlackBerry, but I feel like I'm leaving people in a void. They don't know what instrument I used to craft electronic messages. No idea as to what tool I used.

So I've made the following to let people know more about my emailing locations:
- Crafted in my kitchen; a kitchen that could use some fresh paint, and perhaps a new range. Viking, of course. Via Lenovo SL500 laptop.
- Composed in the library open lab. Computer #22. The one with the free-standing speakers. Courtesy of Dell desktop.
I hope these help people as much as their origin stories have sated my locational queries.

Sent via public access wifi network at Saxby's in Lansdale.


Dianne Krause said...

Interestingly enough, "Sent from my iPhone" was the first thing I changed when I got my iPhone.

Graham said...

Guilty as charged. Maybe it should be more like a tweet.
"Sent while waiting at the dentist."
"Sent while filling in time at son's soccer training."
"Sent during morning constitutional."

Willy Kjellstrom said...

That is hilarious.

-Sent from my iPhone while drivi...