Monday, November 10, 2008

confused: reticent - looking to present

Scared. Not about presenting. The selection process is frightening. There's a proposal on the table and I'm hopeful that the good, munificent PETE&C selectors choose me.

Doubtful. Not about presenting. But questioning the genesis of the title, 'Transforming Student Presentations'. Too stale? Too kitschy? Does it need a colon? Presentation titles love colons:
  • Geometer Sketchpad: meaningful integration tool for today's math classroom
  • Social Networking Tools for Classroom Use: transforming the learning environment into a truly collaborative learning space
  • Colons: providing superfluous sub-titles for titles
  • Hyphens - a fair substitute


Chris Lehmann said...

And you didn't submit something for EduCon? Harumpf.

Jeff said...

"Transforming Student Presentations: More Than Meets The iPod"

Go for funny. Can't miss.