Thursday, October 16, 2008

adieu, sweet cat, i'll miss you

In honor of my recently surrendered cat:

He wasn't one for using the toilet. Near the end, he wasn't one for using the litter box.

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blueyestars said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. That was a charming posting in honor of your cat. I for one would love to offer up a cat to you. Her name is Jem. I will also sweeten the deal with a nine year old and maybe a four year old. This offer comes to you with great warning...Nine year old is sweet, hard working, great student and a soccer player. One day decided to shave the cats upper spine to butt with a friend (hair did grow back) and just last week peed in litter box because he just had to go that bad.) Four year old is a diva, loves to dance and sing and wear pretty dresses; the cat is a diva too, but does not sing or dance or wear pretty dresses; only plots and plans in Stewie ways to eliminate my husband. With said words, the cat takes baths. Loves bubbles! Four year old has offered many times to place cat on craigslist and/or Ebay. They are yours for the taking.