Friday, April 4, 2008

you run the place, smarty-pants

Congratulations, you're now in charge.
Of what?
Of this most majestic bastion of learning.
Did I just lose some vote or something?
What? Are you kidding me? This is a great place. I mean, look, there are brand new interactive white boards waiting to be installed in classrooms. How many schools would kill maim destroy beg to get their eager, educating hands on them?
Six? Seven?
Tons! Hundreds! Thousands! And you have all of these. So go, get a-runnin' and put these puppies in play.
I'm gonna need a screwdriver. Possibly a drill of some kind.
Whoa! Hold on there, Mr. Tool Belt. Don't you think you should train the would-be users before you install them?
I'm in charge, right?
Sure, you're in charge.
Then hang those boards up, pronto! Install then educate! 'I' before 'E', that's what they say, right?
You might anger some of your teachers. Those boards, quite literally, will eliminate their instructional space.
They'll just have to deal. Adapt. Assimilate.
Well, you run the place, smarty-pants (weeps softly, crafts letter of resignation).

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blueyestars said...

One day, the school that I am at, will one day be like SHS. I just wish I had spent more time in school then as I do now! Keep up the good work. Now I must get back to helping my school get elec. sharpeners!