Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Trouble W/ COWS

This CFF teacher is OCD. I obsess over the alignment, placement, and order of the computer equipment stored in the cart.

Like L L Cool J in Barry Levinson's film, "Toys", I need structure. Or, as Mr. Cool J's character states about his vegetables, "I need my peas quarantined".

A colleague who teaches in my room, well aware of my chronic need for order, crafted this comic strip.

While I can not definitively attest to his motives, I presume they fell under any one, if not all, of the following reasons:

1. I wished to be a ninja in my next life so that I could strike from the shadows when a students fails to place any computer back in its proper place or position.

2. I recently used Toondoo with my English class as a way to visually interpret the narrative poem, "The Council Held by The Rats".

3. He simply wanted to poke fun at me.

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