Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Cart Pusher, Always & Forever?

David grunted when he heard me articulate the plan today for the class. The ha-rumpf came when I announced that the last half hour would be time to work on the production of their Lord of the Flies PowerPoint presentations.

"Excerpt" of teacher - student exchage...post grunt:

Mr. Rodoff: Why the grunt? Would you rather not have time to produce in class?

David: It's not that. I just don't want to do this.

Mr. Rodoff: You don't have to do it, but this is an opportunity.

David: For what?

Mr. Rodoff: To think. To consider. To refine your communication skills.

David: May I go to the bathroom?

In that last half hour, every student worked on their presentations, askings questions, sharing progress, and considering the purpose of their presentation design.

David managed to download a free font.

Later in the day, I saw David in the hallway rolling the mobile computer lab from one class to another. He was all smiles and determination.

Mr. Rodoff: You seem to be enjoying pushing that cart.

David: Totally.

Mr. Rodoff: Why?

David: It's a lot more rewarding to me than anything else that goes on here.

Mr. Rodoff: I'm going to the bathroom, okay?


I love the aforementioned words. They are the core of this new era of educational reform and they serve as a constant reminder that I am an agent of change.


I enjoy the simplicity of the above word. It reminds me that I can leave a room with ease. However, it also serves as a glaring reminder that there are Sisyphus-like students. They navigate a landscape no less absurd than those written about by Camus and are willing to exist by pushing something from point A to B.

Eight hours a day.
Forty hours a week.

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RODE said...

Interesting comments and it makes me think of some similar encounters during my career in the food industry. What is remarkable is that your observations were in play many years ago so it would seem that not only does history repeat itself but, it is constant.