Wednesday, December 3, 2008

embrace the future project

The Office of the President Elect has a website so it only seems natural that I have one to promote awareness (read: votes) about this blog's nomination.

A little odd, don't you think?

Sure. Maybe. Leaving this site to go peruse another site which, as it turns out, is about this site, seems to live right on the edge of The Town of Redundancyville and Awkwardland. Okay, it's a little odd, but it's important to remember that the list of nominations I've received drops no mandibles.

From the Hall of Received Nominations:
  1. Honorary Cutter of the Cord - four time nominee, yet to accept.
  2. The Litter Box Lifetime Achievement Award - redacted upon the surrender of my second cat.
And that's it. So perhaps you'll understand more about my interest in this nomination.

Now, you'll excuse me. I'm going to adopt a cat.

1 comment:

Graham Wegner said...

While I was one (at least) of the readers responsible for your nomination, I am glad that you can see the lighter side of the these awards. I've had a hate/love relationship with this concept ever since my blog was nominated for "best teacher blog" back in 2006. I've swayed between supporting and loathing the idea - maybe getting 4% of the vote will do that to you (although the 2007 nomination earnt a sobering 2%) - as human taste is too eclectic to compartmentalise into voting categories. And you need a sense of humour to go with these awards - how else could you explain me being nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award along with Downes, Warlick, White, Ricahrdson etc.? One of the kids in my class said that maybe it was because I was the only one on the list who still dealt with 30 kids daily in a real classroom - but I didn't say that!! Doesn't specify which lifetime or which particular achievement either.